Following are statements which our Leadership Team has developed to define who we are, as a congregation, our overall mission and how we, as a congregation will move forward toward our goals.

Mission Statement

As members of Chestnut Grove Church, we commit to sharing the goodness of God and the good news of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit that all might become Kingdom minded disciples and live and serve as each has been called, transforming the world.

 Core Values Statement


Chestnut Grove is following God and His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Denomination and tradition are tools we use to follow them. Our leaders hold themselves to a high standard to reflect the high calling to which they have been called.

Unquestionable Integrity

Chestnut Grove’s values begin with a belief that we will do the right thing, even when it is not the easiest path. When faced with tough decisions, we exhibit unquestionable integrity consistently making the right moral and/or ethical decision. We will believe the bible as the truth and use it as our guide. We put our faith in GOD. All of our other values are built upon this foundation.

Mutual Respect

Chestnut Grove has mutual respect for all people, regardless of faith or beliefs. We will communicate openly and listen, promoting diversity believing that the bible will guide us to all truth. Most of all, we will act as one team with a common goal to achieve what will honor God.


Chestnut Grove values vision and generating ideas beyond the confines of what we see. We step out in faith giving genuine validation to Vision. We dream.

Active Engagement

Chestnut Grove is actively engaged – involved and committed to ideas, actions and changes that will strengthen the church. We contribute beyond the limits of our roles and we give our best effort in all that we do. Always bringing our faith and believing God is able.

Embrace Accountability

Chestnut Grove embraces accountability – stepping forward to take responsibility and owning our actions. We are proud of what we do and the value we add to each other and to the Church. We hold ourselves accountable for results and how the results are achieved.


Our members are servants for the Gory of God, serving one another and others that they might know God also.

Vision Statement

“Our Vision as Chestnut Grove Church is to be a light on a hill sharing the love of Jesus Christ.”

All of our ministries are consumed with this vision. From birth to the grave – it is our desire that all can come and learn and worship together, developing even greater leaders and teachers so others will learn how to follow Jesus and live Kingdom minded.

Last updated: June 30, 2023 at 13:57 pm